Handling Diarrhea In Infants?

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Good morning doctor, please heartburn I want to ask .. my child is 21 months old already 2 days pups can be 15x a day but healthy children are not weak and not normal cheerful .. my child is still AS. poop and poop poop are very runny .. maybe my child has diarrhea or what … and do you need medicine for the Dede … thank you if you want to help answer …

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The condition of defecation with liquid consistency and more than 3x in 24 hours is diarrhea that must be given attention, especially in infants.
Diarrhea is a digestive tract disease that is often experienced by toddlers. Acute diarrhea that lasts less than 14 days without accompanying blood and other disturbing symptoms are generally caused by a viral infection. The virus can enter the digestive tract, especially from food consumed, dirty hands, and objects around the environment that is less clean.

Although diarrhea is not a dangerous and curable disease, diarrhea in children must be given full attention to avoid the risk of dehydration and other complications.
Treatment for diarrhea begins with administering fluids to replace lost fluids. Liquids can be obtained from breast milk, ORS, drinks and food. In addition, administration of probiotics and zinc according to the age of the child is useful to help reduce the frequency of diarrhea, help speed recovery and prevent diarrhea from recurring.

You do not need to worry if the child's stool is not accompanied by blood, the child still wants to eat, drink and be active and have normal blood tests. Ideally, stool examination is also needed to assess the possible causes of diarrhea, whether due to bacteria, viruses or groups of protozoa / parasites.
Things that need to be emphasized in the treatment of acute diarrhea is to prevent dehydration in children. Signs of dehydration can be suspected if:

The child looks thirsty
Fussy child
Turgor / skin elasticity decreases
Dry mouth
Children appear weak, not active
Sunken eyes
Tears still come out when crying
Concave crown
Little urine and urine color becomes more concentrated

Most cases of acute diarrhea without other symptoms will resolve on their own. Provision of appropriate treatment for children with diarrhea while at home helps reduce symptoms and improve the child's condition without having to see a doctor directly. Make sure the child gets enough fluids and nutritious food to replace the fluid that comes out along with the diarrhea. Indications for antibiotics are recommended if known causes of diarrhea are bacterial infections based on symptoms and the results of investigations conducted. Also it is not recommended to give medication to relieve diarrhea in young children / toddlers.

Some things to watch out for if symptoms are found such as children not wanting to eat and drink, more sleep or weakness, crying but no tears, seizures to decrease consciousness, immediately bring your child to the nearest health service to get the right treatment.

As a precautionary measure, be sure to provide clean, healthy food with balanced nutrition, provide adequate drinking, consume cooked food and drinks, keep the environment clean and objects around the child, be diligent in washing hands before and after eating.

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