Handling Difficult Chapter In Infants Aged 4 Months?

Illustration of Handling Difficult Chapter In Infants Aged 4 Months?
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Night . I want my child to be only 4 months old to have a difficult chapter for the last week and not a chapter after the doctor took the day of being stabbed from his anus and then pooped out. The doctor said there was interference in the anus. It’s already been 2 days yet. That is a disease huh? You have to puncture the anus to get it out? Do you have to go to the surgeon ?? Thank you for your help.

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Hi Rina01,

Difficulty defecating or constipation in infants can be triggered by several possible causes such as:

Babies experience a lack of fluids
Babies are difficult because of formula milk where the composition of certain formula milk can be more difficult to digest so that the baby's stool becomes harder
Babies experience certain medical conditions such as cow's milk allergy, high calcium levels in the blood, hormonal disorders, impaired absorption of nutrients, disorders of the digestive tract

Other causes

To overcome constipation in infants younger than 6 months can be done a number of things such as changing or replacing formula milk, pay attention when preparing formula milk so that the dose is changed or adjusted so that formula milk is more easily digested by babies, avoid giving solid food too quickly to babies less than 6 months, pay attention to the consumption of food in the mother if giving breast milk, and if it is still difficult can be used stool softener as recommended either rectally or added to baby milk.

If it is still difficult CHAPTER it is better to have your baby checked by a pediatrician for further evaluation so that the cause is known and treatment is given according to the cause. Also pay attention to the frequency of the baby's stool every time, the color of the stool and baby's expression when defecating whether it looks tense, crying or screaming in pain.

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