Handling Fever In Infants Aged 24 Days?

Illustration of Handling Fever In Infants Aged 24 Days?
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, my baby is 24 days old, what is the solution?

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Fever in babies is not always dangerous. Infants who are still very young, especially for example, have a history of being born prematurely, with LBW (low birth weight), or have experienced severe illness early in life to have to undergo intensive treatment in hospital, often still not too good regulation of body temperature regulation, so it is very sensitive to respond to changes in temperature in the environment. Even so, this fever can also be caused by an illness, for example a viral or bacterial infection (such as respiratory, gastrointestinal, or urinary tract infections), hormonal disorders (such as due to thyroid gland abnormalities), metabolic disorders, drug side effects, events follow-up after immunization, malignancy, impaired immunity, and so on.

The first step you need to do is, first measure the baby's body temperature. A new baby is said to have a fever if his body temperature rises more than 37.5 degrees Celsius. If your baby's true body temperature rises, then the following initial treatment you can do:

Give your baby exclusive breastfeeding more often Increase physical contact (skin to skin) with the baby Wear baby clothes that warm and absorb sweat Compress the neck, armpits, or groin of the baby with warm water Make the environment around the baby to be comfortable, so he can sleep more calm Give the baby paracetamol medication according to the doctor's recommended dosage if the fever does not go away after doing the above tricks. Do not carelessly give other drugs to the baby for less than 6 months without a doctor's prescription. If the fever does not improve in 3 days, or other complaints appear more severe, such as chills, skin rashes, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, to a decrease in consciousness, we recommend that you check it immediately to the doctor or pediatrician to be followed up properly.

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