Handling Fever In Infants Never Goes Down?

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Hello, I want to ask, I have a baby that is 7 months old. For the past few days my baby has a fever of 38 u0026deg; c, coughing and vomiting, I have been checked by a doctor twice. On the first 3 days after my fever I was examined and given paracetamol, antibiotics, nausea, and cough medicines. but the fever never subsided, his vomiting has decreased, went into the next 3 days after administration of the drug and the fever has not yet come down and my child is also setting puppies more than 5 times a day. I checked my child again, and the doctor suggested a blood check, and after seeing the results were all negative and the results were good, the doctor finally decided to give medication through the rectum and suggested continuing the drug yesterday, if in 3 days again the fever had not come down the doctor ask to be rethinked. and until now the 6th day of fever my child is still staying at 38 u0026deg; CP My question is, is this kind of case often experienced by children under the age of 1, and usually this kind of fever is what causes it, can it be bad if fever does not go down, and what treatment should be done in order to reduce his fever. thanks. πŸ™

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Hello Princess

Thank you for the question.

Fever in babies most often indicates an infection, for example due to viruses or bacteria. Not only that, fever can also occur when the baby is fully immunized, exposed to heat, or also has problems with endurance, malignancy, hormones, and various other diseases. If this fever appears accompanied by coughing, vomiting, and diarrhea, it is most likely a sign of a disturbed respiratory system or digestive system. However, it does not rule out also disturbed are other organ systems.

Babies, given their relatively weak endurance, are more at risk of infection and various other diseases, as mentioned above. This risk is greater if your baby is not fully immunized or if he is in close contact with other infections.

The steps you did before were right, namely by checking your baby directly to the doctor. Better, you give your baby first treatment as the doctor advised. Not only that, so that his complaints get better faster, you also need to give him more milk, water, and MPASI variations that have a balanced nutritional value. Not only that, compress his neck with warm water, give him warm clothes, keep the environment clean and keep him active as usual. If you still have coughs and colds, you can also prevent your baby from cold, smoke, dust, and other substances that are prone to triggering inflammation in the airways so that complaints quickly improve.

According to the doctor's advice, if the complaint does not improve, do not hesitate to check your child back to the doctor or pediatrician for further treatment, okay?

I hope this helps.

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