Handling For Children Who Cry Continuously?

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, it’s been 2 days my child is fussy (crying and crying), what’s the solution …

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Hello, good night Heru ...

Previously, please know in advance: How old is your child, is he still a baby? Does the child cry at certain times (for example at night during sleep, every urination, every bowel movement, and so on)? Are there other complaints (such as fever)?

Children who suddenly become more often cry indeed often makes parents become worried, especially when he can not talk (baby age), so parents do not understand the reason for crying. Here are some possible reasons why babies cry or fuss:

feel uncomfortable, for example feeling cold, hot, wet / full diapers, wet clothes, too crowded atmosphere, and so on
bored or lonely
afraid of strangers
Teething (generally in infants aged 4-12 months)
is experiencing pain, therefore it is important to observe when a child is fussy / crying, whether each BAK (which can be suspected in the direction of urinary tract disorders), every chapter (in the direction of gastrointestinal disorders, such as constipation, colic), whether when crying children always tugging at his ear (possibly in the direction of an ear infection), and so on

Here are ways that parents can do to calm a fussy / crying baby:

baby swaddling with a soft cloth to help make him feel comfortable and prevent the body from twitching
hold the baby in a curled up position
lay it face down
talk to the baby in a calm tone
turn on white noises like the sound of a hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, and so on. Sounds like this can calm the baby because it is similar to the whirring sound that normally surrounds the baby while in the womb
swing when carrying
gently touch the baby's body
give drink ASI (if the cause is thirsty)
take a shower using warm water

The thing to remember is that you are always calm and do not panic / stress in dealing with a fussy / crying child. Children can feel the panic / tension experienced by parents, which can actually make children cry louder.

If your child experiences any of the following, immediately have your child consult a pediatrician or emergency department at the nearest hospital:

cry more often or the sound of crying louder
the sound of crying becomes lower
don't want to eat or drink
shortness of breath / fast breathing
CHAPTER liquid / diarrhea
there are signs of dehydration, namely: dry mouth, crying without tears, weak body, urinating little or rarely
palpable feet and hands cold
pale, bluish or yellow skin
eyes turn red

That's all, hopefully it helps ..

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