Handling For Fear In Children Aged 6 Years.?

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At night … my child is 6 years old, he is so timid. Some time ago my house was flooded, from then on my son always cried out in fear when it rained while cursing (scared mamah2) Up to his body in the cold if it rained even if only just signs just want hjan he must have hide, how do I have to do and how I face my child if I’m afraid? Is it worth worrying about? Thank you …

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Rain can cause fear in some people, this condition is also known as ombrophobia. Ombrophobia itself comes from Greek where ombros means rain, and phobia means fear. This condition is indeed more often found in children, some children will be stricken if the rain is very heavy for example accompanied by strong winds such as storms, lightning and so on and some other children can also feel a sense of fear when it will rain like clouds, light rain or drizzle.

The most common causes of this ombrophobia include:

Too much consumption, seeing, or exposure to news about incidents or natural disasters related to rain Traumatic events experienced by children before Symptoms that arise in children are more out of control such as screaming, crying constantly, refusing to go outside when it rains , hiding, or keep talking and questioning about the occurrence of floods, as well as other acts of rejection shown by children.

In some cases, mild phobias usually do not require specific treatment or treatment. but the support of people who are like a parent is needed to help the child get rid of that feeling of anxiety. For example, by giving explanations that are memegegetti by children, soothing children, not leaving the child alone when being scared.

Some ways that you can do to reduce phobia in children, for example:

Be a listener and calmer when the Child is scared, with that you come to know what is feared from the rain phobia. So that you can explain to children that what they are afraid of actually does not need to be feared, for example by describing the function or benefits of rain in a language understood by the Little Don't laugh or underestimate or stupid time with the fear of the child, this will actually exacerbate the fear that is being experienced by children Stop scaring children with things that they fear, even though intending only for jokes, but if you find it difficult to control or deal with anxiety in your child, or the symptoms the child shows are getting heavier you can consult a psychiatrist or psychologist. Handling in the form of psychotherapy can help to reduce phobia symptoms in children.

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