Handling Gum With Holes?

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Gums are soft tissue that functions as a dental seat. Healthy gums will be pink, look tense and be strong supporting the teeth. Poor oral hygiene can cause gum disease, including inflammation due to infection. This condition is called gingivitis in the medical language. Under severe conditions can cause swelling of the gums.
Under these conditions, you should consult directly with the nearest dentist. So that doctors can conduct further examinations and treatment. The doctor will give you antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and painkillers. If there is tartar, the doctor will clean it by scaling. If there are cavities or broken teeth, the doctor will patch up, pull or attach a denture support. The choice of therapy is based on the severity of tooth decay. If the doctor finds a tooth root infection, then root tooth care also needs to be done. If the swollen teeth do not improve with treatment and instead become growth or tumor meat, removal of the growing flesh or excision may be considered.
Meanwhile, keep the oral cavity clean. Apply cold compresses to the swollen gums. You can read more about the treatment of swollen gums at home here. Do not delay the treatment, because it can cause pericondritis, the healing will be even more difficult.
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