Handling If The Ring Is Swallowed By A 6 Month Old Baby?

Tonight … My child is 6 months old now, when I was 4 months old I bought a ring and put it on his ring finger. 3 weeks ago suddenly we realized that the ring was gone. Starting from the disappearance of the ring, my child had difficulty drinking milk and was given porridge and did not want to, coughing and colds had not healed until now. Already taken treatment to the clinic 2 times. My question is whether the ring was swallowed by my child, and if possible what the next action and how to know that the ring was swallowed or not. Thanks in advance …

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Hello Chan,

Thank you for the question.

The ring that is swallowed into the baby's digestive tract can come out along with the stool, but can also clog the digestive tract and make the baby experience abdominal pain, difficult bowel movements, difficulty in defecating, hard stomach, and vomiting. Swallowing the bellies into the digestive tract should not make the baby cough and runny nose as you might expect. Coughs and colds in infants are more commonly caused by allergies, irritations, to respiratory infections.

If it is true that your baby is swallowed by a ring, then this condition should be checked directly to a doctor, pediatrician, or pediatric surgeon. With further examination, such as x-rays, ultrasound, or endoscopy, the doctor can evaluate where the swallowed ring is, and give him proper treatment so as not to clog the digestive tract. However, if it turns out there is no ring found in the digestive tract, then the ring may have come out with feces, or maybe your baby did not actually swallow it.

Coughs and colds that your baby has, so they can heal quickly, it's best to deal with:

Give the baby ASI more often
Give your baby plenty to drink warm water, eat soft and warm foods, and fruits that are rich in vitamin C
Don't use the air conditioner or the fan is too cold around the baby
Always keep the environment around the baby clean
Use a humidifier in the environment around the baby if necessary
Keep the baby away from cigarettes, smoke and other potential allergens
Do not carelessly give medicines to babies
If the cough and runny nose do not heal within 3 days, check your baby to the doctor

Hope this helps ...

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