Handling In Cardiac Arrest Patients / No Pulse Using CPR?

Illustration of Handling In Cardiac Arrest Patients / No Pulse Using CPR?
Illustration: Handling In Cardiac Arrest Patients / No Pulse Using CPR? acep.org

If someone’s pulse / breathing rate is 0 / there is no response, can we do CPR / medical techniques that can boost the pulse / respiration rate?

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Hello gardikaadjis, Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

CPR / Cardiopulmonary Jesuscitation is one of the many series of Basic Cardiac Life Support. The purpose of doing so is to maintain life, improve health, reduce suffering, and limit disability / disability, without forgetting personal rights and decisions.

The first aid measure taken when finding someone with cardiac arrest / no pulse is to activate the emergency system and immediately perform CPR while waiting for help to come (doctors, nurses, monitors, defibs, etc.). This is usually done in cases of cardiac arrest with no known cause.

In the case that you submitted, a gunshot wound to the chest is one of the most serious injuries because there are several vital organs in the chest such as the heart and lungs. It needs to be seen again where the gunshot wound is located. In my opinion the Basic Cardiac Life Support action is still needed in this case because there is no guarantee that the patient's condition is completely dead / the bullet is lodged right in the heart. There are no other initial actions or procedures to save the patient with the condition you mentioned that the patient will still die if he is not helped, so what's wrong with trying to save his life with CPR. Surgery can be performed when the patient's condition can be controlled (there is circulation, and spontaneous or assisted breathing). In fact, not all CPR can save patients, but it is the best form of effort that can be done.

There are several things that make first aid (Basic Cardiac Life Support) not possible, such as:

There is a request from the sufferer or nuclear family who is legally entitled and signed by the family.
Cardiac arrest occurs in diseases with end-stage who have received optimal treatment.
Irreversible clinical signs of death / irreversibility, such as stiff corpse, corpse bruising, decapitation, or decay.
RJP attempts at risk of endangering a helper. (As in the middle of a battlefield, amid natural disasters, etc.)
Patients with trauma that cannot be saved, such as scorched, severely injured / traumatized (head separated from body / body part destroyed, etc.)

If you are interested in learning Basic Cardiac Life Support, you can take action training for the layman / general public. Please look for information related to this matter.

So many answers from me, thank you very much.

Wish you good health always :)

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