Handling In Infants Who Have Diarrhea For 10 Days?

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my child 4 months weight 6kg, full breastmilk, diarrhea has not been fussy for 10 days, the frequency is 3-4 times a day .. many more next morning … tonight I observe the diaper is dry from 19-05 am not yet pee .. what is dehydrated heavily .. already a general practitioner, and 2x DSA, the drug is gone … left zinc but why doesn’t the diarrhea get better … what should I do

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Babies are said to have diarrhea if the bowel movements are liquid more than 3 times a day. However, not all diarrhea in babies is dangerous. Usually, diarrhea in infants should be aware of dangerous if it occurs very often (more than 10 times a day), accompanied by fever, vomiting, colic, mucus or bleeding, and signs of dehydration or disturbance of electrolyte balance.

The cause of diarrhea in infants also varies, ranging from infections, intolerance, allergies, poisoning, malabsorption, intestinal inflammation, metabolic disorders, side effects of drugs, and so on. In infants who are still exclusively breastfed, differences in the composition of breast milk are influenced by the type of food and drinks that mothers consume can also trigger diarrhea.

Within 6 hours, naturally the baby will BAK at least 1 time. If your baby does not urinate for more than 6 hours, he may be dehydrated, but he may not. Dehydrated babies, in addition to rarely urinating, usually also will look fussy, lethargic, very thirsty or just do not want to suckle, often drowsy, less active, dry eyes and mouth, and skin pinch tests will also return slow.

If you also find other danger signs as mentioned above, we recommend that you check your baby again to the doctor or pediatrician for an in-depth evaluation, including for example if necessary blood tests, feces, ultrasound, and other supporting tests. Thus, of course the doctor can give your baby the best management.

For now, we recommend that you first do the following trick:

Give your baby more milk
Pay attention to the types of food and drinks you consume while breastfeeding, limit your consumption of spicy foods first, make sure you only eat and drink in a clean place, avoid consuming raw or undercooked foods
Do not carelessly give babies drugs without a doctor's prescription
Wash your baby's hands diligently, and shorten their nails
Make sure the objects around the baby are clean, and that no dangerous items are susceptible to being eaten in the vicinity of the baby's hand

Hope this helps ...

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