Handling In Patients With Self Harm?

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HealthReplies.com I am a teenager whose age is 19 years old, since 4 years ago I did self harm on my hands, I think I have recovered and can get rid of self harm but apparently a few days ago I could not hold my emotions anymore and did self harm again. before doing self-harm I was always accompanied by an excessive sense of fear to everyone what else when that person was angry but inhabited me, I was also often attacked by panic attacks. What can I do to stop and treat my problem?

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Self harm is an act of hurting oneself, such as burning oneself, hurting oneself, hitting one's own body, etc., which is not intended to commit suicide, but rather to deal with heavy emotional distress, anger, and frustration. This condition is prone to occur in people with the following conditions:

Having a partner with self harm habits
Experiencing severe life problems, for example when losing a loved one, having a conflict with a partner, or bumping into economic problems, work problems, educational problems
Experiencing certain mental disorders, such as depression, excessive anxiety disorders (including panic attacks), borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, delusional disorders
Consume alcohol or drugs

Self harm is a condition that needs to be treated further so that it does not have serious complications, such as suicide, fatal injuries, infections (for example due to injuries that are not treated properly), and increasingly severe mental stress. Therefore, you need to get yourself checked by a doctor or psychiatrist as early as possible so that you can treat it comprehensively well, okay?

Here are some suggestions we can give you:

Patient and sincere when overwritten by the problem
Think positive about yourself, others around you, also the destiny that God created for you
When overwritten by a problem, focus on finding solutions, don't think about it too complicated
Keep yourself busy with good activities, and useful in developing yourself into a better person
Mix with good people
Don't be lonely too much
Entertain yourself with things that delight you, for example hanging out with people you care about, doing hobbies, taking vacations
Don't hesitate to discuss with others if you have a problem that is difficult for you to solve alone
Stay away from cigarettes and drugs

Hope this helps ...

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