Handling In People With Mental Disorders?

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Hello goodnight I have a terrible mental disorder, sometimes I feel very sad but it is difficult to cry, cry and laugh at the same time, raising a small problem, even I also did selfharm some time ago, my emotions are unstable several times the intention arises what’s wrong with me? Am I crazy?

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Hello Cut Itawari, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

From the description of the situation that you explained, as for some of the causes of the condition include:

Depression (mood disorder characterized by deep sad feelings for 2 weeks or more)

Bipolar (disturbance of emotional changes between depression and mania / very happy interval of 2 weeks, between the two phases the patient can experience the normal phase)

The main symptoms of depression: loss of interest, lack of energy / fatigue, depressive / sad affect. While other symptoms of depression:, lack of focus, lack of confidence, the idea of ​​guilt / uselessness, the idea of ​​suicide, and disturbed sleep (where all the symptoms are experienced for at least 2 weeks).

Mild depression: at least 2 main symptoms + lack of focus / lack of confidence.
Moderate depression: 2 main symptoms + 3 other symptoms. Patients have difficulty in continuing social activities, work, etc.
Severe depression: 3 main symptoms + at least 4 of the other symptoms + generally the patient is unable to report many symptoms in detail. Patients can no longer play a role in social and work life.
Severe depression with psychotic symptoms: severe depression + delusions (trust recognized by the patient and irrefutable)

Please note that a psychiatric diagnosis must be made by a professional (face-to-face meeting), so self-diagnosing / self-diagnosing is not wise.

It is strongly recommended that you meet with a psychiatrist immediately. Many people hesitate to seek professional help for fear of the "crazy" stigma of society, even though the term "crazy" does not exist medically, people themselves create it, and everyone with a mental illness, including depression, deserves immediate help from professionals. The doctor will complete the history and physical examination / support if necessary. If there is an indication that the doctor will prescribe antidepressant drugs, which of course is accompanied by psychological therapy (eg cognitive behavioral therapy)

For the time being it is advisable for you to deal with coping (efforts to deal with stressors), for example diverting attention by engaging yourself (for example by sports, yoga, reading books, cooking, doing hobbies), seeking social support for example through family / friends that you trust , coping with humor, and so on.

Read the relaxation & mindfulness techniques which can be read in the following link.

That's all our answer, hopefully useful, good morning

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