Handling In People With Mythomania Disorders (pathological Lying)?

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Hello, I’m a teenager. I have a good friend who I have known since 3 years ago. He often tells that his family is in disarray, his mother’s second wife, often abused by the community, and his father as physical violence against him. At first I really felt sympathy, I always tried to support and motivate it. When I first came to his house and met his parents, they seemed kind, friendly and even invited me to dinner together. Then he also once said that he often almost killed himself and suffered trauma to his family, he said he also often cut his hand with a knife / cutter, had also several times when he asked me to accompany him to the UKS, he was like a crazy person who screamed, crying and laughing at the same time. Until I even called the driver to take him home. That continues today. He also always told me that he had various kinds of illnesses and various complications such as back pain cancer, leaking brain, retinal rupture and so on and had to be operated in and out of the hospital. I suspect that he has been lying all this time. When I investigate and find out, everything is revealed that what he said so far is false, even his attitude as if it were sick is just acting. He apparently had never been hospitalized or been exposed to such a severe illness. And even those who have been asking me via chat to keep it are not his mother’s number, but he himself typed it. His condition is getting worse, when I try to corner him so that he wants to be honest, he is increasingly covering it up with other lies. He said he almost killed himself and injured his hand, but there were no scars. I began to feel fed up with the raving of his lies every day to get empathy and attention from me and around him. What should I do,? thank you

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Hello Uco Penguin,

Mythomania is also called pathological disease. Mythomania enters psychological disorders, a person lies continuously and most of his life lies, but not to benefit from others or cover up something that makes him ashamed. Lies told by mythomania patients have no clear purpose. Mythomania is a compulsive disorder and behavior becomes a habit.

Mythomania disorders can also be found in other mental disorders such as antisocial personality disorder. Some organic disorders in the brain, a history of head trauma, and disorders of the hormone cortisol level are thought to be some of the factors causing this disorder. Some mythomania patients even believe in their own lies or delusions. The patient can lie very smoothly without showing any signs that he is lying. Examples of mythomania patients are:

Often lie about his achievements
Always lying that he was very ill or a victim of something
The lies told can be very detailed and related to one another
If you ask something about the story, maybe the patient can answer directly and quickly, but usually the answer does not answer the previous question

If you have friends or family or acquaintances with disorders like this you can do include:

Stay patient and do good to sufferers, you try not be provoked emotions
There is no need to confront those false stories, most sufferers will immediately deny them
Tell the sufferer that, even without the lies, you will remain friends with him
Invite the patient to see a doctor, especially a psychiatrist to get an examination and find out the underlying causes of lying behavior, so that appropriate treatment can be given.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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