Handling In Pregnancy Over Time?

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Good morning, yesterday I went to the Consul Clinic my wife’s pregnancy problem, because according to the prior USG, her birth assessment was August 3. Can I as a husband wait until there are signs, without having to perform surgery before the amniotic fluid ruptures? amniotic fluid enhancer? Or should I give a stimulus?

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HPL (day of birth forecast) is made based on various platforms, such as HPHT (first day of last menstruation) as well as the size of the fetus when examined by ultrasound. As for this HPHT, as the name "estimates", is not always appropriate. In fact, your wife's labor can happen faster, or vice versa. However, under normal conditions, the difference between the actual HPL and the actual day of delivery does not exceed 2 weeks.

Determining the right time and method of delivery needs to be done by considering many factors, including the age of the womb, the condition of the fetus in the womb (weight, heart rate, position), amniotic fluid conditions (amount, turbidity), maternal condition (blood pressure, history of the disease) , previous childbirth history, and so on. Normal childbirth is characterized by babies who have descended into the PAP (upper pelvic door), mucus and / or amniotic discharge from the birth canal, as well as labor contractions that appear as pain, heat, or wrapped around the lower abdomen radiating down to the lower back , the intensity is getting stronger, the duration is getting longer, and the frequency is getting more frequent. However, in some cases, it is also possible that the signs of labor do not appear simultaneously. This should also be taken into consideration in determining the right time and delivery method, whether it is necessary to induce labor or not.

Pregnancy over time can not only be risky for the mother, but also for the fetus. According to various studies, fetuses that do not go through after the optimal time of delivery have a higher risk of oxygen deprivation, amniotic fluid ingestion, fetal distress, and death in the womb.

Therefore, ideally, your wife's condition, the doctor directly assess. Go back to your wife to see a doctor or obstetrician so that you can find out the best treatment steps to take. Internal examination, ultrasound, as well as monitoring of fetal contractions, motion, and heart rate will generally be done by the doctor to make sure the condition of the mother and fetus is fine. Depending on the condition, your doctor may recommend that your wife wait until signs of normal labor appear, induce labor or cesarean section.

Right now, don't panic yet. Do not carelessly give your wife any treatment without first consulting a doctor. Invite your wife to walk and prostrate a lot. Feed him and drink nutritiously. As well as reassuring him, that he is able to undergo the process of pregnancy and childbirth well.

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