Handling Itching On The Genitals?

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the night before, I forgot to wash the underwear I was going to use and now my pubic area was very itchy, especially in the testicles. I have been using betamethasone valerate recommended by the nearest pharmacist for 3 days but it doesn’t feel much change. What steps should I take?

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Itching in the pubic area usually refers to several causes, including the most common is fungus, irritation / allergy, pubic lice, psoriasis, eczema.

Symptoms caused by each cause are different, itching caused by fungus will usually cause symptoms of a reddish circular rash accompanied by itching, scaling and inflammation. Itching will get worse if affected by sweat or in a humid situation. The reason is usually due to lack of hygiene. Skin irritation is caused by touching skin irritants such as soap, cream, etc. For eczema, usually the cause is weather, food, feathers / pollen. Whereas psoriasis occurs due to immune disorders and hereditary factors.

It is explained that you get itchy after you do not wash your underwear, it is important to note what kind of itchiness you are experiencing, whether there is a rash and itchiness when exposed to sweat. If you experience this, then your symptoms lead to skin diseases caused by fungi. The treatment will be different. It says that you use an ointment with a betamethasone composition. Which is betamethasone is a corticosteroid drug used to relieve inflammation from irritation or allergic reactions. As for the treatment of fungus itself, you need to use antifungal drugs to kill the yeast infection. The fungus will spread even more if the infected area becomes more humid or the immune system of a person decreases.

If you experience this, there are things you can do at home, which are as follows:

 Clean the genitals by using soap, and dry the pubic area if exposed to water. Do not change towels Change clothes, especially underwear every day. do not use tight clothing Do not scratch the itchy part of the compress with a cold compress if there is an itching that is difficult to avoid. Treatment of infections of the skin does require time and patience, if this condition often occurs and gets worse then it comes immediately or consult a dermatologist.

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