Handling Of A Concussion?

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Hello I want to ask, my niece had an accident and hit her head, it has been almost 15 days in the hospital. Conditions. I was invited to talk sometimes sometimes connected. such as legs, hands, body, head can move actively. Please the solution whether you need surgery or not, thanks

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. We are also concerned about the condition of your niece. The brain is a very important organ because almost everything is centered and arranged in the brain. The process of remembering, seeing, speaking, touching, moving, listening, language, everything is set in the brain. So it is easy to understand that people who experience disorders of the brain, be it in the form of seizures, severe injuries, blockages or bleeding to a stroke, cancer and others, will show abnormalities in performing daily functions such as the symptoms you convey.

Regarding your question, surgery is indeed one treatment option, but not the only one. Not all cases and not all diseases must be operated on. In stroke conditions, for example, the most crucial treatment is not surgery, but medicine. Therefore, your nephew needs to have surgery and whether or not it is possible, the most able to answer it is the doctor who treated him so far. Because he knows best how the development, where the location of the abnormality and how it responds to treatment.

So that we suggest, the family should discuss with the doctor about the condition of your niece, how much hope for recovery and what treatment options can be given. Don't be ashamed to ask because it's your family's rights, especially your niece's parents. By discussing it this way, the family will also come to know the extent to which they can hope, and know how to manage the doctor's plan. So, hopefully answering your question,

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