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Mmm, I want to ask, my toenails almost want to come off, should I pull it out? and the left side of my toe is swollen but it doesn’t hurt it just feels itchy is that an infection category?

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Regarding toenails that want to be separated should be extracted or revoked, this is so as not to injure the surrounding tissue, avoiding infection, and new nails can grow better. For this action should be examined by a doctor so that then the extraction can be done by administering pain medication with the aim that the patient is more comfortable and the wound area can be cleaned optimally because the patient does not feel pain.

Regarding swelling and itching it can occur as a complication of the nail that is almost dislodged, which then injures the surrounding tissue called paronychia. Symptoms that appear are that the fingers around the nails experience swelling, itching, redness, and pain when touched. Some important things to maintain nail health are

- Trim nails regularly
- Maintained nail hygiene
- Avoid pulling nails or biting
- If there is a swollen area, compress with warm water
- If it is very painful, anti-pain can be given such as parasitic

Besides paraonikia, some things that might happen are infections of the skin, abscesses, which are pus collection under the skin.

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