Handling Of Breast Lumps?

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Afternoon .. I just last night found out there was a lump in the breast when brought to sleep it looks small but if I stand the lump is large .. Can you move gt … To which specialist doctor should I check? thank you

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Hi Heny,

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Lumps in the breast that are easily moved often do not refer to dangerous conditions. This lump may occur due to fibrocystic changes in the breast that occur normally around the menstrual schedule. It could also be, a lump in your breast due to infection (for example folliculitis, abscess), benign tumors (cysts, fibroadenoma, lipoma), enlarged lymph nodes (can be due to infection or tumor), as well as other masses (for example skin tags, muscle kinking, keloids, and so on). In rare cases, breast lumps may also refer to more serious conditions, such as breast cancer or skin cancer.

To be clear, you can check yourself directly to a doctor or surgeon so that you can make observations more objectively. Through additional examinations, for example ultrasound, biopsy, etc., doctors are often able to determine the best management that needs to be done.

The following initial efforts you can implement:

Do not squeeze or give any treatment to the lump
Wear a bra that is comfortable, clean, and not tight
Keep the breast and the surrounding area clean
Live a healthy lifestyle
Be diligent in doing it (breast self-examination)

Hope this helps ...

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