Handling Of Burns That Become Lumps Filled With Fluid?

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On February 17 yesterday my finger was exposed to hot oil. The next morning I saw a burn blister about 1cm in size. Today my blister burn is getting bigger by about 1.5cm. Should I burn the blister (use a sterile needle) or wait for it to deflate? And how long does it take about the healing process (second degree burn)? What treatment should I do so that the blister burn quickly deflates and heals? Thanks.

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A blister is a small bag filled with fluid that forms on the skin after an injury to the skin. Causes of blisters include burns, excessive skin friction, exposure to certain chemicals, diseases such as chicken pox, bullous impetigo, etc. Therapy for blisters or blisters due to burns that are still intact (not broken) until now is still being debated. But the therapy that has so far been generally accepted is not to solve blisters. The liquid that forms on the blister has a function to protect the injured skin underneath. This fluid also facilitates skin healing and the formation of new tissue in the injured skin. Solving a blister can increase the risk of blister infection.

The liquid in the blister will usually be absorbed by itself and shrink within 3-7 days (depending on the size of the blister). During this process, the blister should be protected with a wound cap so that it does not break or rub. If the blister is very large, very painful, and does not heal within 7 days, then the discharge in the blister can be done. If you want to release fluid in the blister or if the blister breaks accidentally, then do not rub the skin on it. Use an antibiotic ointment and cover the blister with a wound cover to prevent infection.

If you want to release fluid in a blister, consider the following:

wash your hands thoroughly with soap before using the action, use a sterilized needle (soak the needle with alcohol, boil it in boiling water, or burn the tip of the needle until redness) prick the needle at the tip of the blister and let the liquid flow out on its own, don't rub the skin over it antibiotic ointment cover with wound closure If the blister is very large, there is an infection in the blister (the fluid in the blister does not look clear), the skin around the blister looks reddish and feels warm, immediately check with your doctor so that further action and treatment can be done.

Blisters with a size of 1.5 cm actually still include a small blister and do not require liquid discharge in the blister. You should not need to solve it, coat the blister surface with an antibiotic ointment (if the burn is large and deep) or with an ointment that contains moisturizers, lubricants, and natural antimicrobial agents (for example with honey), and just cover it with gauze. too broad and not too deep, antibiotic ointment is not needed because it can slow wound healing.

Here are the articles that you can read about how to treat burns at home

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