Handling Of Deep Cavities?

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At night, I want to ask that my left molars have cavities and they seem to be deep so if you eat a lot of food, you come inside. And if you don’t rinse your mouth after eating, it will beat and make your head feel dizzy, for the right action when I consult you later, thanks.

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Hi Lintang,

Cavities are one of the dental problems that need to be treated because this condition can cause a variety of serious medical complications such as gum inflammation (gingivitis), abscesses until sepsis.

Cavities should be examined by a doctor in order to get the appropriate treatment. If tooth decay is limited to the enamel, dental filling procedures can be performed. If the damage is deeper, dental conservation procedures or root can be treated. If all these procedures are not possible then the doctor can recommend a tooth extraction procedure (tooth extraction) to resolve your problem.

Aside from treating your doctor, you can also take the following recommendations to help reduce your complaints:

Avoid sugary foods, too hard, hot and cold
Brush your teeth at least 2x a day
Gargling with salt water after eating
Using fluoridated toothpaste
Perform dentist control at least once every 6 months

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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