Handling Of Dental Tonggos In Children 2 Years?

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doctor, my child 2 years and 6 months has rather advanced teeth. before, there was a habit of thumb sucking, but it hasn’t been done for 1 month. Furthermore, what treatments can we do? considering that sleep is more frequent breathing using his mouth. thank you

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Uneven child tooth growth between the upper and lower jaw (tonggos) can indeed make it difficult for the child to close his mouth. As a result, this can also affect the process of breathing, which becomes more often done through the mouth, not through the nose. The habit of breathing through the mouth is certainly not good impact on health, because it can make the mouth and throat dry, infection-causing microorganisms are more prone to enter the gastrointestinal tract and airway, and various other health problems can arise. Many factors can cause a child's teeth to grow bulge, in addition to genetic factors, the habit of sucking a baby, using a pacifier or pacifier, a history of injury, and so on can also influence.

Handling of this truncated jaw can be done with a variety of approaches, including sufficient observation, the use of teeth trainer alignment or braces, to surgery. The selection of the best type of treatment is ideally done directly by the dentist who examines your child. Of course, many factors must be considered in the selection of this treatment, including the severity of your child's jaw condition, age, and so on.

You should check with your child directly to the nearest dentist or dentist for further evaluation of the condition of the teeth and mouth, and be given the best treatment. For now, to make it easier for your child to breathe through his nose, while sleeping, you can raise your child's head slightly, for example by giving a higher pillow that supports the chest to his head.

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