Handling Of Fungal Infections Around The Genitals

Illustration of Handling Of Fungal Infections Around The Genitals
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Can tinea cruris be cured with drugs such as caladine and salicyl? How should you take a bath or shower with water + soap? Because if you take a shower then wash it using water + soap it is very painful

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Tinea cruris is a term for dermatophyte fungal infections around the genitals, anus and groin. This condition can make the sufferer feel intense itching, even tend to be sore or hot. Not only that, it can also cause tinea cruris the appearance of scaly reddish rashes, in the form of islands, which are prone to spread and spread if not handled properly.

No problem giving calamine lotion and salicyl powder to the skin with tinea cruris. With the application of this lotion or powder, itching due to tinea cruris can be relieved. However, this action does not necessarily cure this disease. Since the cause is fungus, the definitive treatment for tinea cruris is by administering antifungal drugs. Some other types of drugs can also be given according to complaints that arise. The lotioncalamine and salicyl powder, if you want to use it, should be applied with extreme caution, so it does not reach the genitals or anus, because it can trigger allergies or irritations of various symptoms, can be mild, can be severe.

Cleaning the intimate area affected by tinea cruris is vital for accelerating healing. You are right to say, that cleaning up this intimate area needs to be done using water and soap. Indeed, this action can cause discomfort. However, if you stop scratching or rubbing excessively the area that is experiencing tinea cruris, this pain can actually be minimized. Not only that, in order to recover quickly from tinea cruris, you also need to use clothes that are clean, loose, and soft ingredients. Do not forget, do not carelessly exchange clothes, towels, and toiletries with others to prevent transmission.

To get further treatment, you can check yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist after the outbreak of COVID-19 subsided.

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