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hello, I want to ask, why is my hair falling out really bad, again holding the hair immediately fall out until 5 strands, the worst when it runs out shampooing, it’s falling out it’s not counting anymore, until the floor is full of hair, it’s because of stress or there is a disease like that or not, I’ve changed all the shampoos but it doesn’t affect, I’m afraid,

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Hair loss disorder by definition is a condition when a person's hair is loose or falls out of more than 100 strands each day. If it's still under 100 strands, actually it's still in normal levels, and there's no need to worry even though it looks a little more than usual. Under these conditions, generally the amount of hair loss will return to normal within a few days.

But if you feel that the loss is indeed very much, then hair loss can occur because of the following possibilities, including:

Improper use of hair care products
Frequent use of hair dryers, hair curlers, hair clips or rubber bands
Hormonal changes, such as in pregnant women, childbirth, or menopause
Poor nutrition, such as lack of protein, iron, or excess vitamin A
Drug side effects
Infection of the scalp
Immune system disorders

Anemia or lack of blood

With so many possibilities, the best step you can take is to check yourself with a dermatologist. Your doctor will try to examine the cause of your hair loss through a series of historical excavations, assessment of risk factors, physical examination and investigations if necessary. Thus, it can be known what is the biggest possible cause of the loss, and can be given the most appropriate treatment and in accordance with the cause.

Meanwhile, no need to worry too much, multiply the consumption of healthy foods such as meat, vegetables and fruit, use the usual shampoo before your hair falls out, avoid exposure to sunlight, dust and pollution, multiply the consumption of water, avoid using products or sellers that the credibility is unclear, and consult a doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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