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good afternoon want to ask I got a hernia in the groin area but I haven’t had surgery. may not be delayed or must be operated as soon as possible. if I have to take a long time to recover and to be able to ride the motor again because I’m the ojol driver. please enlighten me and answer. thank you

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Basically as long as the hernia can still come out and enter itself, the operation is still elective, meaning that it can be done at any time, no need to rush. However, surgery should still be planned because complications from hernias can occur at any time. Complications that can occur include hernias that can not reenter (incarcerated hernias) and the most severe is the hernia that can not enter the blood circulation disorders to experience tissue death (hernia strangulata). Strangulated hernia conditions are very dangerous conditions and require immediate surgery.

If complications have not occurred, hernia surgery can be done by laparoscopy (only making a small incision), so that the recovery period can occur more quickly. Generally the recovery period takes 1-2 weeks. Most people are able to resume light activities within 1-2 weeks, but heavy activities including lifting heavy objects can only be done after 4 weeks after surgery. Consult your condition with your surgeon for planning further operations.

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