Handling Of Itching, Red Spots And Sore Due To Mosquito Bites?

Good night .. I want to ask My skin before getting itchy due to mosquito bites is actually smooth and looks healthy. But lately I often forget not to use mosquito repellent before going to sleep, as a result I am often bitten by mosquitoes, feel itchy, then I scratch. It turns out to leave marks like small red spots but the numbers are numerous and evenly distributed on the inside of the arm. Already taking a bath using lemongrass soap, milk soap, moisturizing lotion, there are still spots and itching so it feels like to keep scratching. Now the spots are still there, even when not bitten by mosquitoes, it sometimes feels itchy, and after being scratched, even rather large spots appear as large as coriander seeds. Is it purely due to mosquito bites, or is there another factor? Then how to handle it? Thank you!

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Hello Wuri Hanjani Rintyowati,

Lots of skin diseases that can cause red spots with itching. Skin diseases can arise due to an external infection process and the inflammatory response of the body to irritants, allergens, including for example substances that enter the skin during insect bites.

Some of the causes that can cause itchy red spots on the arm are:

Atopic dermatitis
Contact dermatitis

Insect bites, mites

Miliaria or prickly heat
Tinea corporis

It is recommended to consult a doctor if you have a skin disease that does not heal with independent treatment that has been done. The doctor needs to ask about your complete complaint history, do a skin check, and perform other investigations if needed.

To prevent the skin disease from getting worse, you should avoid scratching the area, especially if your hands are dirty. Avoid using moisturizers that contain alcohol or deodorizers / perfumes. Compress with clean cold water can temporarily reduce itching. Doctors will generally give itching-reducing drugs such as antihistamines and other specific drugs that are adjusted to the abnormalities found during the examination.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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