Handling Of Itchy Bumps Due To Cold Allergy?

Illustration of Handling Of Itchy Bumps Due To Cold Allergy?
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…. I am allergic to the itchy bumps all over my body cb buy drugs in the pharmacy … but only last 2 days healed, after that itching and bumps again, which I was confused when the cold weather hit, but when sweating also did not hit .. . please explain, and here sell the medicine or not … please help, it feels excruciating … thanks in advance … I beg for help again

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Crashes and itching all over the body can be classified as urticaria. This condition can occur due to various triggers, for example:

Foods, such as seafood, beans, eggs, and milk
Drugs, such as penicillin, aspirin, ibuprofen
Common allergens, such as pollen, animal fleas, insect stings
Environmental factors, such as heat, cold, sunlight, water, pressure on the skin, stress, excessive physical activity
Certain diseases, such as immune disorders (such as lupus), malignancies (such as lymphoma), thyroid gland disorders, infections (such as hepatitis, HIV, Epstein-barr)
Genetic (hereditary), and so on

If the condition is mild, urticaria will often improve on its own without the need for special management. However, if you feel very disturbed by bumps and itching, then your doctor or dermatologist can give you medicines, such as anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressant. It could also, the doctor recommends that you undergo a series of tests, for example allergy tests, blood tests, etc. to help with possible organic causes of your complaint. Not only relying on the handling of doctors, you also need to do the following management so that your complaints do not always repeat:

Get to know the originator of your complaint, and avoid the originator as much as possible
On itchy skin, apply calamine lotion or cold water compresses
Do not carelessly take medication, unless prescribed directly by the doctor who examined you
Bathing diligently and cleanly with soap that contains moisturizer
Wear loose, soft clothing
Control your stress, emotions and anxiety well
Be diligent in relaxation and meditation, don't mind too much

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