Handling Of Kidney Failure Apart From Dialysis?

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Hallo ,,, r nI want to tell you a little ,, this pain has been several months before checking up the first results are not there ,, a week has passed, still feeling skittles in the waist and stomach, to check again there are some gallstones and some just kidneys, There is 1 kidney that is 1.5 in size. The doctor only recommends drinking a lot of water and taking medication … after a few months the pain did not go away, instead my stomach started to swell and my family checked again and the specialist doctor got a referral letter to Manado when I arrived. there, the doctor was hesitant to shoot the kidney stone because it was already small, it had measured 0.5, instead the doctor gave a referral letter to Manado but he himself was hesitant to shoot the stone, it’s just that the doctor advised to see a bone doctor because it had fallen. r nA few weeks later you can’t defecate, it is already 5 days that you have to defecate but urinate again, after a few weeks you urinate that the bowel doesn’t go smoothly .. The stomach is getting bigger and sick ,, I did not think long, I checked it to a kidney specialist, he said that the kidneys had failed on the ultrasound. There was an echo stone with a size (more than) 2.8, urine volume was empty ,,. And the doctor suggested dialysis, I don’t want it, it’s not that I’m afraid but it’s difficult to explain .. And until now I’m still being treated at the hospital. R nThe question why can it be like that ??? Initially, the kidney stone was only 1.5 in size and had set the diet pattern, suddenly it was 2.8 and the doctor said it had kidney failure, the kidney function was not functioning in two, and my eyes were swollen like there was fluid in it, my stomach like that. r nDoctors say the only way is dialysis. What are the side effects of dialysis ??? r nAnd my kidney is already in stage 3 coma so … What can’t be other than dialysis ??

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Dialysis is a medical procedure performed to replace kidney function. The main function of the kidneys is to regulate fluid balance and remove various waste products from the body through urine. When the kidneys are unable to do this, various symptoms can appear, such as swelling of the body parts, shortness of breath, weakness, pallor, and many more to a loss of consciousness. So it's easy, your doctor asks you to do dialysis because according to the examination, you have either acute kidney failure or chronic kidney failure.

Among the causes of acute kidney failure are:

Kidney stones Infections Side effects of drugs Certain kidney diseases such as glomerulonephritis and vasculitis

While some of the causes of chronic kidney failure are:

Diabetes or high blood sugar levels Hypertension or high blood pressure Other conditions, such as lupus, and kidney stones, although less common

Regarding your case, because having kidney stones can be a risk factor for kidney failure, it is most likely that your condition is caused by kidney stones. Then regarding kidney stones, what you should know is that the treatment will depend on the size and position of the stone itself. This is the basis for your doctor's decision when he only asks you to consume lots of water and medicine, because it is hoped that the stone can pass on its own or it is not possible to shoot it because of its position behind the rib, for example. If this is the case, your ribs will be damaged before the stone breaks. This includes when after a follow-up examination it turns out that the size of your stone has shrunk, if you shoot it the bad impact will be greater than waiting for it to come out on its own.

Then regarding your question about the size of the stone suddenly increasing, there are several possibilities for this to happen. The first is that the stone was not detected before. So that in fact it is not suddenly, but a process that has happened gradually, but it could be because the position is difficult to know. The next possibility is, there are many types of gravel stone compilers. There are composed of calcium, uric acid, struvit, and cystine. Among these stone types, struvite stones are the ones that can develop rapidly. Then it is possible that at this break, a new struvite stone with the size you mentioned has formed.

Furthermore, regarding those of you who have maintained a diet but stones are still there, this can happen because there are many factors that increase the risk of developing stones in the kidney, namely:

High levels of calcium such as hypercalciuria Overactive parathyroid glands Consumption of foods with high purine levels such as shellfish, belinjo, meat, fish, spinach, and organ meats Have long-standing urinary tract infections Have a disease called cystinuria Overweight or obesity Frequent history taking drugs Have a family history of kidney stone disease. History of surgery on the digestive system

So it is true that kidney stones can still occur even though you have adjusted your diet. It's not that you needlessly adjust your diet, but if you don't adjust your diet, your condition may be worse than now.

For dialysis side effects, you can read it by clicking this link. Our advice, follow your doctor's recommendations, or at least ask your doctor if you can seek a second opinion or a second opinion on other specialists. This is your right and your doctor has no right to prohibit it. What is clear, your doctor may not intentionally want to harm you, and all the decisions and recommendations that he conveyed are none other than for your recovery.

That's all, dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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