Handling Of Knife Sclera Punctured?

Illustration of Handling Of Knife Sclera Punctured?
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Good morning, I want to ask If the whites in the eye / sclera are stabbed with bloody and red blades, how do I handle them?

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Getting a knife in the eye sclera can be dangerous or not. Reddish spots on your sclera usually indicate bleeding in the components of your eye. However, the exact location of the bleeding can only be determined through direct physical examination. Frequently, mild bleeding, for example, which only occurs around the conjunctiva (subconjunctival bleeding), will not cause severe complaints, such as swelling, severe pain, visual disturbances, and will improve by itself without the need for special treatment. Conversely, if bleeding in your eyes involves deeper eye structures, such as corena, iris, retina, etc., then of course the symptoms will be much heavier and last longer if not treated further.

To be clear, you should check yourself directly to the nearest doctor or eye doctor. As an initial treatment step, you can do it first:

 Compress with ice cubes on the outside of your eyes (wrap the ice cubes with a clean washcloth, then put them on your eyes) Position your head higher Rest more Don't rub your eyes excessively Use eyeglasses to protect your eyes from intruding foreign objects. Don't just give any medicine to your eyes without doctor's advice. Hope it helps.

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