Handling Of Meat Grows On The Back?

Illustration of Handling Of Meat Grows On The Back?
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Good afternoon, I have meat growing on my back as big as corn kernels, it doesn’t hurt when held. But I’m worried if it’s dangerous? What treatment should I do? thanks.

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Hello. Good afternoon, Ms. Desi. Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

Related to meat growing on the skin, it should be supplemented with some related information, which is appearing since when, is there any change getting bigger quickly, are there any other complaints that are felt such as bleeding easily or itching, is there a history of similar diseases, is there a history of malignant tumors to family. Some things that might be the cause of white in the pupil are

- Meat growing (skintag)

- Lumps containing fat (lipoma)

- Skin tumors (melanoma / squamous cell carcinoma)

Growing meat is a lump that appears because of the formation of collagen fibers in the form of small tissue, usually about 2-10 mm in size, dark in color, and can be enlarged. The location can be anywhere on the body, the most common is the armpit and neck area. Triggers from growing flesh are age, sunlight, friction with clothing. Growing meat is usually not accompanied by pain, redness, or palpable heat.

Lump filled with fat is a lump that is formed due to overgrowth of fat tissue which is usually about 0.5 - 5 cm in color with the skin and can enlarge slowly. Lumps usually feel soft and are easily swayed.

A skin tumor is a lump that develops on the skin that develops rapidly and deteriorates rapidly, usually accompanied by easy bleeding, unclear boundaries, varying color on the tumor. If rapid growth and bleeding should be considered more and immediately take it to consult a dermatologist.

For benign lumps such as meat growing and lumps containing fat there is no special handling because it is actually harmless but often feels uncomfortable, disturbing, or growing. To handle the surgical removal is usually done by opening directly, using electricity (cautery). But if there are signs of malignancy such as irregular shapes, bleed easily, the color varies should be checked immediately by a dermatologist to ascertain whether it leads to malignant tumors or not.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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