Handling Of Milk Teeth That Are Already Porous In Children?

Illustration of Handling Of Milk Teeth That Are Already Porous In Children?
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Assalamualaikam good morning Pakbu doctor … This time, my daughter is 3 years old 2 months, mmg because it used to be really hard to be invited to brush my teeth so now my depanny teeth just cut off a little left 😆 awl ny hny 2 ax teeth like there is plaque ny, then I cut it off that’s all because of the plaque next time, sir … now the 4 upper front teeth are toothless, but there’s still teeth, it’s not just gum. I have never been to Drg because my child must have gone berserk if I was treated for a health check / health … Now I want to brush my teeth, but I’m worried about those 4 teeth, can they grow longer or more like that until the date itself ??

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Hello Gina,

Thank you for the question.

The habit of toothbrushes should have been familiarized since childhood. If this is not done, the teeth will become porous, eventually breaking up and leaving only the susceptible root to sticking with the gum. When it's like this, it's not just pain, children can have difficulty when eating and talking, and appearance can be disrupted due to teeth that look black.

Indeed, eventually, milk teeth that are already severely porous will be replaced with healthier adult teeth (usually after more than 6 years of age). However, if not treated properly, porous milk teeth can become the focus of infection, which can ultimately affect the appearance of subsequent adult teeth. Therefore, you should continue to persuade your child to check the condition of his teeth to the dentist or pediatric dentist (pedodontist), yes. Depending on the conditions, the doctor will be able to treat the remaining milk teeth left behind, so that the function of chewing, talking, and also his appearance improved. That way, later when a child's adult teeth grow, there will no longer appear meaningful complaints.

To help prevent your child's teeth from getting worse, try doing the following:

Brush your child's teeth morning, afternoon, and evening before bed
Do not get children to eat excessive sweet food before bedtime
Do not also get used to the child mengempeng or suck until he fell asleep
Also clean the child's tongue and oral cavity with a special washcloth

Hope this helps ...

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