Handling Of Pimples Like Boils?

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In the morning, I was having a breakout type of acne pimples such as boils and now I am using futaderm ointment on the recommendation of Dr.Sp Skin. at a point close to before. And now I’m changing facial wash from P * nds white beauty to Cet * phil.

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Hello Ditta,

Acne is very much the cause. Some things that can trigger acne include excess oil, bacterial infections that cause acne, stress, hormonal, genetic, and blockages in the skin pores. Acne is one type of acne that tends to be bigger, red, painful, and festering. Acne stones require treatment by a dermatologist because often the over-the-counter acne medications are less able to deal with cystic acne.

Handling of stone acne includes retinoids, antibiotics, salicylic acid, azelaic acid, dapsone, isotretinoin, hormonal therapy, spironolactone, and follow-up actions such as corticosteroid injection, chemical peels, lasers, and photodynamic therapy.

The ointment given contains fusidic acid which functions to overcome bacterial infections of the skin. How long have you been using the ointment? Keep in mind that acne treatment does take time and cannot be instant, but during treatment time patients should control routinely in accordance with the advice of the treating doctor, usually every 1-2x / month, if the skin condition has improved the distance of control will be less frequent.

If with the ointment there has been no change in your zit pimples, I suggest that you regain control with your dermatologist so that you can further evaluate the results of your treatment and skin condition so that the doctor can provide further therapy in accordance with the results of the examination.

Meanwhile you should also do the following tips:

If you change skincare, you should do a patch test first by using it on 1 part of the face to see the reaction
Choose hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic skincare
Don't squeeze pimples
Clean the face before going to sleep
Reduce the use of thick makeup
Avoid touching your face before washing your hands
Use ointment as recommended by a dermatologist
Manage stress well
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Get enough rest

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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