Handling Of Post Broken Fingers?

Illustration of Handling Of Post Broken Fingers?
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, on the 7th of August I had an accident and my index finger was broken, after that my finger was gifed and on September 21 the gif was released, how long will my finger be normal again and how can it be so that my finger can be normal soon?

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to HealthReplies.com. We can understand the concern you feel.

The purpose of the cast is to immobilize / limit the movement of the injured bone so that it can support a good healing process. The cast is usually installed by passing two joints between which there are broken bones. The healing period for broken bones and the prognosis of finger function in the future can vary in each case, depending on the degree of damage, the type of bone injured, and the treatment taken.

You are advised to consult directly back with your orthopedic specialist or surgeon who is treating you regarding your recovery prognosis. The doctor who treats you certainly has more complete clinical information about your condition so that you can provide a prognosis assessment that is more appropriate to your situation. In addition, a return visit to the doctor is also important to monitor the progress of your condition after the cast is taken. Later your doctor may also recommend physiotherapy to help your fingers function optimally after recovery.

To enrich your horizons, you can read articles about cast care. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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