Handling Of Red And Watery Eyes?

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Afternoon doctor. I am 53 years old. My eyes are red u0026amp; runny, and Rasax is a bit gritty. I have been using cendoxitrol for 5 days. As per usage instructions. But not yet healed, there was no improvement. Do you have to take oral medication? And how long is the use of cendoxitrol safe for days? Tks

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Hello Ms. Lenny, Thank you for the question.

Have you consulted an ophthalmologist further considering that this complaint has not improved even though you have been using eye drops? Complaints of red eye can be caused by various health conditions that require an examination by a doctor directly to make sure. Some of the causes of red eye are:

corneal abrasion

The eye drops you mentioned are drugs with steroids (dexamthasone) and antibiotics (neomycin and polymyxin B). These eye drops are hard drugs whose use must be in accordance with the doctor's recommendations. These eye drops are used for eye complaints related to inflammation and bacterial infections. You are not recommended to use this medicine without doctor's advice because not all cases of red eye are treated with this eye drops. In some cases of red eye, steroid use should be avoided. Therefore, later on, if you experience red eye, you can follow the following recommendations:

using eye drops that act as artificial tears
avoid rubbing red eyes
Avoid exposure to dust or other air pollution in your eyes

Because this complaint still occurs even though you have used eye drops, you should immediately consult an eye specialist first so that the doctor can examine your eyes to determine the cause. It's important to know about your medical condition so that you don't receive the wrong treatment. The doctor will determine further treatment in accordance with the medical conditions that underlie this complaint. If the doctor decides to continue the eye drops, the eye drops will be used according to your condition.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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