Handling Of Shortness Of Breath In Stroke Patients?

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Assalmualaikum. I have a family member who suffered a right stroke. Blood pressure 140. Now often shortness of breath. * Is shortness of breath due to a stroke? * If shortness of breath occurs what treatment measures we should take

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Hello Rody Ahmad,

A stroke is a sudden disruption of blood circulation to the brain that can be caused by a blockage / narrowing of the arteries (ischemic stroke) or because of a ruptured blood vessel (hemorrhagic stroke). As a result of sudden brain blood circulation disorders, tissue in the brain is damaged which consequently causes symptoms in stroke patients depending on the area of ​​the brain affected. Stroke is different from TIA (transient ischemic attack) although it has the same symptoms, in stroke a neurological sequel (nerve disorder) and permanent brain damage occur, whereas in TIA symptoms can disappear and no sequel arises at all.

Risk factors for stroke include uncontrolled hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity, smoking, diabetes mellitus, heart problems, family history of stroke or previous stroke history. Stroke symptoms include:

The face is not symmetrical, the mouth looks open, or one eyebrow does not rise when asked to raise the eyebrows
One side of the arm / leg cannot lift or is weaker than the other side
Speech disorder: pelo or unable to speak at all
Great headache
Loss of consciousness

Patients who show symptoms of a stroke should be taken to the hospital immediately. There is no first treatment that can be done for stroke at home. The duration of the event until the patient is diagnosed and getting stroke therapy is very influential with the patient's prognosis and improvement. The diagnosis of stroke is obtained from the history, physical examination, and supporting examination in the form of CT-scan / MRI. Handling can be in the form of giving medicines, handling emergency conditions, modification of diet and lifestyle, and rehabilitation of patients. Hospitalization aims to stabilize the patient's condition and minimize comorbid factors such as normalized blood pressure, normalized blood sugar. Neurological sequel conditions such as one-sided weakness will be treated gradually during outpatient (physiotherapy) and also exercise at home.

Post-stroke care is important considering the disability caused by this disease can disrupt the quality of life of patients and families / caregivers. In addition to speech disorders, mobility, some stroke patients can also experience respiratory problems after a stroke. Shortness of breath or dyspnea in stroke patients can arise due to:

Respiratory muscle weakness
The immobility of the patient / just lying down so that the cleansing function of the airway is not good and the respiratory tract (lung) is prone to infection (pneumonia)

Pneumonia due to food aspiration (choking)
Venous thromboembolism
Neurogenic pulmonary edema (rare)

To determine the cause of shortness of breath in stroke patients, it should be taken to be examined directly to the doctor. Doctors need to check the frequency of breathing, oxygen saturation, listen to abnormal lung sounds, and perform other supporting examinations such as chest X-rays. Shortness of breath apart from abnormalities of the respiratory tract can also arise from abnormalities in the heart. Treatment can be given in the form of medicines such as antibiotics if there is an infection and chest physiotherapy can also be done to improve the function of the cleansing of the airway and strengthen respiratory muscles.

Stroke occurs because of other diseases that become comorbid, do regular control for the handling of these diseases so that there is no recurring stroke. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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