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Good morning doctor, I want to ask. Last January I did a cantengan operation, but only a part of the nail was cut, and as of this May the operation of the nail had begun to grow. But why yes, yesterday my ex-surgery nails that produce pus? What could be the cause? What should I do? thanks

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A festering wound indicates that the wound is infected by bacteria. This occurs in wounds that are not treated properly. The following are the wound care methods that you should know about, namely:
1. Clean the wound at least 2 times a day.
2. Clean the wound with warm clean water by pouring warm water flowing into the wound. Warm water is water that feels warm but human skin can still survive (temperature of 40 degrees Celsius).
3. Wet the cotton with sterile water, then place it on a wet wound, then let it dry. Sterile water can be obtained from the nearest pharmacy, buy physiological liquid NaCl.
4. After the cotton is dry, remove the cotton from the wound.
5. Brush the wound that has been dried with antibiotic skin ointments, such as gentamicin, clindamycin, etc.
6. Wounds that have been smeared with antibiotic ointment, can be left open. However, if you are going to move outside the home, cover the wound with loose sterile gauze.
7. Avoid wounds from being exposed to water so that the wound stays dry and improves quickly.

You can read articles about how to prevent infection in wounds.
Thus hopefully useful.

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