Handling Of Small Teeth To Make It Look Beautiful?

Illustration of Handling Of Small Teeth To Make It Look Beautiful?
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Hello, I have a problem with my teeth. My teeth are very small in size, so it looks weird when I smile looking teeth. Because what appears to be my gum is dominant, I’m not hooked. It’s just that my teeth are tiny, so if I smile it doesn’t look right. I ask for advice from doctors, do I have to use dentures ??

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Each person must have different anatomical or body shape including the structure of the teeth. This can be influenced by genetic or hereditary factors that cannot be modified. In principle, if you have no problems with the function of the teeth, the use of dentures is not necessary.

Besides the use of dentures also can not be free to use if there are no specific indications. False teeth are prosthetic tools that can replace lost teeth and gum tissue around them. Dentures are often used to overcome problems that arise from tooth loss, such as interference with eating or talking. These dentures certainly cannot be used when you still have intact teeth.

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If you have problems with imperfect teeth, and make you insecure, this is only an aesthetic factor. This can be done namely to change the shape of the teeth to be as desired, but only for the aesthetic or beauty purpose. You can consult a dentist, especially a dentist who is an expert in the field of endodentis, a dentist specializing in tooth conservation (caries prevention and control, restoration, aesthetic and cosmetic dental treatment. Methods that can be done such as dental veneers. But this procedure is usually requires a large enough cost.

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