Handling Of Swollen Breasts After Weaning A Child?

Illustration of Handling Of Swollen Breasts After Weaning A Child?
Illustration: Handling Of Swollen Breasts After Weaning A Child? nursingthebaby.com

I am Imas.24 yrs, already have 1 child. R nI used to wean children aged 17 months, then my breasts swelled until about 5 days until they were feverish. After that healed by itself. R nNow my child is already 35 months old. I have had a lump in the breast for more than a month, said one doctor. I went to another doctor, said mastitis. After the medication was gone, but the lump was still there. I went back again, until the medication ran out again, the lump was still there. to the surgeon, while waiting for the lab to open, I was given medicine. after the medicine, my breasts were swollen again. His skin was getting thinner and more thin which fit the lump. red until it was big. the bump was about 10 cm. small. r nI ask for more medicine from dr, and it’s better. which is getting more protruding also better. r nThat’s the point if it breaks itself how to do it? r nThis includes the abscess?

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Good morning Imas, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. There is a difference between a swollen condition and a lump. When a certain body part is swollen, the whole part will be enlarged and the shape will tend to follow its original shape, it's just more 'bulging'. But the bump is when a specific part arises, and other body parts around it don't change, it's as easy as when you put a tennis ball under the carpet. This is important because the likelihood of the disease occurring to you will be different if you experience swelling and lumps.

If it is swollen, then it is most likely indeed mastitis or inflammation of the breast. This is a common condition in breastfeeding women due to bacterial infections that enter through the wound in the nipple area or due to blocked milk ducts. Treatment is more on pain medication, antibiotics, breast milk pumps, breastfeeding and warm compresses.

However, if a lump in the breast, then the possibility can vary, can be a condition called fibroadenoma, fibroadenosis, cysts or sacs filled with fluid, intraductal papillomas, fat necrosis, and cancer. Each possibility of this disease may have to go through investigations first to be determined, and treatment also varies depending on the disease.

Then regarding your last question, once again even in terms of lumps, lumps caused by abscesses or accumulation of pus and lumps caused by tumors and cancer are different in appearance. An abscess can rupture and if due to a tumor or cancer it cannot rupture by itself.

So in your condition, your steps are actually right by going to the doctor directly. Because a direct examination by a doctor cannot be replaced because of the reasons we mentioned above, there are various kinds of appearance conditions that can mean many things depending on their appearance. So we recommend that for now, if your condition does not improve, return to your surgeon. Just look for one doctor and continue to control him, do not move the doctor if the complaint does not improve with one treatment because there are several diseases that do require regular treatment. In addition, if you do not change doctors, your doctor can evaluate the progress of the previous meeting and can determine whether you need to be replaced with drugs, plus drugs, referred to a more complete hospital or surgery.

Meanwhile, avoid stress, cigarette smoke, if it feels painful, compress with warm compresses and consume pain medication that is sold freely by reading the rules of use listed. So, hopefully answering your question.

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