Handling Of Swollen Eyes?

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Hello, I want to ask a dwiki. In the past few days my eye has a bump at the bottom of the outside of my left eye. It has ruptured but swelling still occurs and is slightly itchy. How do you relieve the swelling? Is there a cure if needed? If yes, what medicine? Thank you 🙂

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There are several conditions or diseases that can cause symptoms of eyelids, including internal hordeolum, external hordeolum, blepharitis, kalazion, etc. The cause of this condition is a blockage in one of the glands in the eye, or it can also be caused by an infection.

Handling of this condition is adjusted by the main cause. In some cases, this condition can improve by itself, some other cases require additional antibiotic or anti-inflammatory drugs, and if the lump is large and does not improve requires the help of incision (minor surgery). Some things you can do right now are:

Maintain cleanliness of the face and eye area
Do not pry into swollen areas or bumps using your hands or nails, especially if they are not clean. This can trigger inflammation and swelling that is more severe, and can cause further infections
Cool compresses on swollen areas, 3-4 times a day for several minutes.
Although it is often caused by infection, use antibiotic drugs on the recommendation or advice of a doctor, to avoid antibiotic selection and germ resistance

If the condition does not improve within a few days to a few weeks, do not hesitate to consult a general practitioner or ophthalmologist, so that you can be re-examined (to confirm your illness) and given the right treatment.

So, hopefully you can help.

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