Handling Of Swollen Eyes?

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Hello doctor, greetings. I want to ask, my right eye corner when I wake up in the morning suddenly cenut cenut, the afternoon began to swell a little, and when I woke up the next day my eyes swelled large, for 2 days I could not stand with cenut then I compress it with warm water, the swelling shrinks, but the upper eyelids appear hard lumps and if I hold it hurts, my inner corner also feels very itchy and red, just to blink it feels small even though it has decreased since I compress warm water .. what’s this about my eyes? Do you need to see a doctor? Help me, thanks 😊

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Hello Firdauziah,

Complaints of swelling on the eyelids can be caused by allergic reactions, nodules, inflammation of the eyelids or due to other causes. The handling steps taken are correct where swollen eyes need to be compressed using warm water compresses. But it should be noted is washing hands before and after holding eyes. Another step can also be done by compressing the eyes using a black tea bag.

If the complaint still does not improve, then an eye doctor needs to be examined. Later treatment will be given either antibiotic topical medication or drink if the cause is a bacterial infection or medical treatment such as a cut on the bumps that arise to overcome the bumps that arise on the eyelids.

Use protection such as glasses and keep your eyes clean and dry so they don't aggravate symptoms and speed recovery. If the eyes turn red, pus or eye discharge, and a sharp decline in vision immediately consult an eye doctor.

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