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Good morning, I want to ask about something that sometimes I myself don’t realize, I often ignite emotions unconsciously until my mother also says ‘please don’t yell at me, kid’ but he is patient :(, sometimes my boyfriend is also often exposed to my angry spray Sometimes, if I have been told that I like it, I can only be quiet, I know it is wrong, but often I do not realize that I am temperamental and easily emotional, I have become a person that I think is bad because it is difficult to think positively every time I face a small problem, how to overcome it how?

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. Easily ignited emotions are often a problem for many people. And often, how to deal with it will depend on each person itself, what is most comfortable and most appropriate for the cause of anger. For example, if someone is really tired, a lot of pressure in the place of work / study, a lot of responsibilities are neglected, then then there are people who are less sensitive and ignite their emotions, naturally if then he is angry.

Another example, especially for women, is when she is menstruating or is out of balance with her hormones for one reason or another, she becomes more irritable and more easily provoked by anger. For some people who may indeed have been raised in a harsh environment, full of screams and anger, it could be then subconsciously, he understands that the way to solve problems is to show how angry he is.

And there are various other conditions, which make psychological problems like this should not be seen at a glance like other physical symptoms, such as coughing, this drug or a cold, the medicine. Any psychological condition must be explored to know what problems are the triggers behind it.

For that, then if you want to be ideal, of course you have to consult with experts, namely psychologists or psychiatrists. Tell us your problem, since when you felt this way, how your childhood, when exactly you began to feel guilty, and most importantly what you felt at that time until you felt the need to vent all your emotions. Handling later can vary, ranging from supportive psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy and many more depending on your condition.

What is clear, you need to appreciate yourself who have realized that venting emotions in everyone, especially those closest to you is something wrong. From there, intend to change, and remind those who are near you, if your tone of speech starts to rise, your posture begins to emotion, to remind you that you must be patient. The hope is that you will then remember your determination, and be able to hold yourself. For starters, maybe you can divert your emotions by shouting in an empty space, nagging in an empty space, or eating whatever you want, later as time goes by, you must learn to suppress these feelings and be more able to control emotions. So, hopefully answering your question.

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