Handling Of The Cheeks Bruised More Than A Week?

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Hello. I rikeu age 17 years my cheeks suddenly experience swelling and also bruised. It’s been more than 1 week. What should you use this?

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Hi Rikeu,

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Swelling and bruising on the cheeks often occur due to injuries, for example due to collision, hit by hard objects, and so on. Not only swollen and bruised, injuries around the cheeks can also make red cheeks, feel pain, or also experience injuries.

However, if you feel you have never suffered an injury around the cheek, then your complaint can also occur due to other factors, for example:

Disorders around the teeth and mouth, for example gingivitis, thrush, benign or malignant tumors Disorders in soft tissue or other organs around the cheeks, for example cellulitis, sialadenitis, parotitis, lymphadenitis Inflammation of the cheek skin, for example due to infection, contact dermatitis, insect bites Disorders jaw joints, for example due to dislocation, rheumatoid arthritis Bleeding disorders, such as leukemia, hemophilia, drug side effects, etc. You can check your complaints directly to your doctor or ENT specialist if you feel very disturbed by it. Often, your condition is not dangerous and can improve with proper treatment. At home, you can try the following trick first so that the complaint subsides:

Compress swollen and bruised cheeks with ice water Do not over-massage the swollen and bruised cheeks area Do not carelessly apply medication on the cheek that has complaints Avoid first sleep on the side of the cheek that complains Be diligent in washing your face, bathing, and also brushing your teeth Hopefully it helps yes ..

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