Handling Of The Skin On The Toes Is Peeling Off And Blackening?

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My aunt has high blood pressure, her legs are tingling, so she uses walking aids. 4 foot stick. Well, a week ago accidentally stepped on his finger by the stick, the skin of the middle toe and nail was all peeled off. At the time of the incident, the finger was red. We don’t know how to handle it properly, so hansaplast and tissue were put on. Well, 3 days later, we were taken to the puskesmas to be examined, the finger was black. The puskesmas was given a bandage of gauze and given antibiotics. It’s been a week since Dr. Puskesmas, the finger is still black. The doctor said, if it has not improved, it must be amputated. How’s this, please enlighten me. Thank you, Ria.

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Hello RiaKwan,

Thank you for the question.

Excessive pressure on the fingers and nails can cause bleeding and the structure of the skin becomes damaged. The bleeding inside the finger skin will initially be red. However, along with the process of blood clotting, then the finger will appear purple, then black. These complaints are not uncommon with pain, numbness, or even nail peeling. If the cleanliness of this area is not maintained properly, or if your aunt has problems with her immune system (for example due to diabetes or HIV), then cuts on the fingers and nails due to this condition can also be an entry point for harmful microorganisms that cause infections that make the area around the fingers and nails become swollen, runny, even festering.

In addition to blood clots, the blackish color on your aunt's finger may also be caused by hypoxia (lack of oxygen). This condition can occur if you apply the tape too tightly on the area of ​​the finger that has been injured. If this condition occurs, and late treatment is carried out, it is not impossible that amputation is necessary to the affected finger to save the rest of the surrounding tissue. Of course, considerations for performing this amputation need to be made carefully, namely by first conducting a thorough medical examination, not only limited to the affected finger area, but also other health status.

Without checking your aunt's condition directly, it is not right for us to determine what the best treatment needs to be done. Our advice, you help your aunt to undergo treatment first as recommended by the doctor is accompanied by the following steps:

Always keep the foot area clean and dry
Restrict excessive physical activity first, especially those involving leg movements
Always use comfortable and clean footwear during your activities
Do not give drugs or other additional treatment without consulting first to the doctor
Do not smoke, so that blood flow to the legs more smoothly

As the doctor advised, if the complaint still does not improve after undergoing doctor's treatment, check your aunt's back to the surgeon to find the best solution. If you are unsure about having an amputation, you can advise your aunt to seek a second opinion by checking with another doctor.

Hope this helps ...

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