Handling Of The Torn Eardrum?

Illustration of Handling Of The Torn Eardrum?
Illustration: Handling Of The Torn Eardrum? mayoclinic.org

Good night. R nYes if the eardrum ruptures. What further and better and more convincing action can be recovered besides surgery. Please help answer yes r nThank you

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Tearing of the eardrum or tympanic membrane, often occurs in OMA disease or acute otitis media, which is inflammation that occurs in the middle ear. In addition, it can also occur due to trauma when digging the ears and blast trauma or loud noise.

The eardrum is an organ structure in the form of a membrane that functions to capture sound waves to be converted into electrical impulses and delivered to the auditory nerve. It also functions as a protective middle ear that is sterile from germs that cause disease. So that when the eardrum is torn, both of these functions are disturbed.

A torn ear drum can coalesce and improve on its own, if the ear remains dry and free from infection. If the torn eardrum cannot be fused on its own (usually on a wide and irregular tear), surgery can be done to replace the damaged eardrum with its replacement membrane which is performed through surgery.

In order to heal on your own, you must keep your ears dry by closing in the shower. In addition, keep the ears to avoid infection by not digging the ears. Consult your ENT doctor beforehand, if there are signs of infection the doctor will give you the appropriate medicine.

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