Handling Of Trigger Thumb Problems In Children Aged 19 Months?

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Good evening Doctor, my child is now 19 months old. My child has a trigger thumb. From birth his right hand thumb cannot be confirmed. Now the condition of his thumb is small (like an index finger) compared to the thumb of his left hand. I have been consul and X-rayed at a hospital in the city of Serang said the doctor sp.OT my child can only be operated on when I was 5 years old. I want to ask, 1. Actually, how old is the doctor, minimum age of trigger thumb surgery? 2. What for cases like my child can still be normal without surgery? 3. Before going to the doctor sp.OT should consult the sp.A first? Please enlighten the doctor.

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Trigger thumb is an inflammatory condition in the tendon membrane area of ​​the finger. This usually occurs in the finger area that can occur due to congenital, ever history of trauma, or related to autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Regarding the treatment carried out can be considered several treatments from the simplest are

Rest your fingers avoiding too much force on the finger area
Support is carried out using a splint or bandage that should be done every day, especially when sleeping
Compress with a cold towel every day for 10 to 15 minutes
Inflammatory drugs that can be given by a doctor

However, if the treatment does not improve, then only consider surgery about the best time is usually in accordance with the growth and condition of the patient itself, and in preparation of the operation will usually be carried out together with several specialist doctors such as orthopedics, children, and anesthesia. see and assess the overall condition of the child.

Regarding healing usually will be related to the degree of trigger thumb experienced by the mother child so you should consult the doctor who examined it so that it can be thought about the condition of the abnormality experienced

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