Handling Of Wet, Swollen Scars?

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excuse me want to ask, I have a wound in the leg because of the fall of a sharp object, it’s been a week in the care of myself and deflated to walk already not sick. When I was a week, I felt itchy and I scratched it, but now it relapsed again and it was swollen and the wound was wet again, even though it was already closed and dry. There is a solution so that it isn’t fast enough, because the swelling is bigger than before … thank you …

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Hello Gea

From the situation you are experiencing, a wet and swollen wound may be caused by a bacterial infection. In open wounds, or abrasions, if treatment is not good wounds can potentially lead to bacterial infections. Especially if the wound is large enough. Bacterial infections can occur after a few days or a few weeks later. Several factors can increase the risk of bacterial infection in wounds, for example if hygiene is poor, wound care is poor, wounds often rub, or scratch a wound.

Bacterial infections of wounds can cause sores to become wet, festering, reddish and swollen. If there is a bacterial infection, treatment with certain antibiotics will be prescribed by the doctor. In addition, it may also require cleaning and wound care by a doctor so that healing is more optimal.

But besides that, the situation that you experience can also be caused by other causes such as:

diabetes foot abscess disorders of the leg veins therefore, it is recommended that you consult a doctor directly so that the doctor can examine your condition further and provide appropriate therapy. don't scratch the leg wounds. Also avoid using shoes that are too tight / small.

The following article you can read about scratches

may be useful. thank you

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