Handling Rusty Nails Pierced Feet?

Illustration of Handling Rusty Nails Pierced Feet?
Illustration: Handling Rusty Nails Pierced Feet? Bing

Afternoon, a week ago my mother was hit by a rusty nail. It happened in the morning, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon he was taken to the hospital because he started having a fever. Handled by a nurse and has been injected with anti-tetanus. Yesterday he was brought back to the hospital because his wound was swollen and festering and had been cleaned again. But this morning, my mother felt cold and had a fever, her legs were still festering and she couldn’t walk because she was sick and bleeding.

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Hi Evlency, thanks for your question

Rusty nails have the potential to cause infection, both local and systemic. Here's the explanation:

Local infection - i.e. on the area of ​​the body that was pierced directly by the nail. At the beginning of being stabbed by a nail, an acute inflammatory reaction will appear, including swelling with redness at the puncture wound, as well as warmth and pain in the area. If not cleaned properly, there is a risk of being followed by a secondary infection that can cause a buildup of pus (abscess).
Systemic infection - i.e. due to the presence of the bacterium Clostridium tetani which causes tetanus. These bacteria can be found in dirty wounds, such as wounds with soil or mud, including rust. If the immunization history is unknown or the last immunization is more than 5 years apart, it is recommended to get a vaccine and tetanus immunoglobulin/antitetanus serum (ATS).

Your action to check Mother to the hospital is right. It's just that, wound care or treatment should be carried out by a doctor. In addition to examining the nail puncture wound, the doctor will clean the wound with sterile fluid, open the wound by making a new incision (exploration), give special fluids so that the bacteria that causes tetanus are successfully inactivated, and administer ATS and the tetanus vaccine as prophylactic measures. When you go home, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers.

The incubation period for tetanus is 7-8 days to 1-2 months. During this time, if stiffness appears in the body (usually starting in the jaw muscles) you should immediately go to the hospital.

Regarding the appearance of a buildup of pus or abscess in the leg, the doctor will make a drainage to drain the pus. Followed by antibiotics and painkillers while at home. Be sure to control the wound according to the schedule prescribed by the doctor.

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dr. Lili

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