Handling The Baby’s Ears At 8 Months With Pus?

Illustration of Handling The Baby’s Ears At 8 Months With Pus?
Illustration: Handling The Baby’s Ears At 8 Months With Pus? momjunction.com

Hello, dook. R nDok my child is 8 months old and there is pus in his ears but it doesn’t come out. How.? Is that a sign of “snickering.? Please explain. Thank you.

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Hello Faisol

The term congectic disease generally refers to a medical condition called chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM), which is a chronic disease that attacks the middle ear so that the eardrum becomes perforated / torn, the typical symptom of CSOM is discharge like pus and smells from the ear , flu, cough, fever.

Apart from that, from the information that Faisol conveyed, it still did not lead to a particular disease in particular, the presence of something resembling pus but did not come out in the ear could also be caused by

External otitis, which is inflammation of the earlobe and ear canal. Effusion otitis media, which is a buildup of fluid in the middle ear cavity, usually occurs due to a cough or cold. Acute otitis media, which is inflammation of the middle ear which is generally caused by a bacterial infection. Otomycosis, a fungal infection of the ear cholesteatoma, which is a condition in which the middle ear grows abnormal tissue. The result can be a torn / perforated eardrum, decreased hearing ability, and damage to nerves and surrounding tissues. From the information that Faisol has conveyed, he cannot confirm 100% that what your child is experiencing is congect disease (CSOM), because after all these symptoms are also shared by several other diseases. that's why Faisol should take his child to the pediatrician. So that the doctor can carry out a thorough health assessment to obtain the necessary information in determining the actual disease experienced by your child and to consider the most appropriate treatment / treatment.

The suggestion for you is that when you bathe your child, try to prevent fluid from entering the ear, because the risk of causing inflammation in the middle ear, also avoid giving ear drops without a doctor's consideration, especially when the condition of the ear canal is secreting fluid like pus, because the drum is suspected. ear tear / hole, where some ear drops can actually damage the nerves and organs of the inner ear if given inappropriately.

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