Handling The Head Of The Penis Appears Red Spots Accompanied By Itching?

Illustration of Handling The Head Of The Penis Appears Red Spots Accompanied By Itching?
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Good morning. I want to ask. My complaint about the appearance of red spots along with itching on my Mr. P.’s head. In the beginning of August 2017 on the shaft of my penis appeared like dry skin accompanied by itching. As if the scratches appeared white on the shaft of the penis but the skin Like a tight skin. Then if itchy on the shaft of the penis the skin is tight but broken with stripes. I’ve taken ampicillin and antalgin drugs, sometimes they disappear but appear again. Over time in January 2018 the head of my penis appeared red spots accompanied by itching. When I saw the goosebumps I saw Mr.p I had a lot of red spots and itching, I’m sorry. I asked my friend who worked at the pharmacy to still try to take the Cipro medicine. I bought a patent. I took the drug, the red spots and gatsl gradually disappeared. But 3 days later it appeared again. Until now, it keeps on appearing. I am confused about what medicine can cure this disease. but until now I have not consulted a doctor. because I am ashamed. r n r nIt’s honestly to be honest before that I had tried to change partners. but I used a condom. but once the condom leaked but was quickly replaced. and a few days later I am in touch with my wife and I am not aware that her menstrual bleeding is out. So until now I am confused that every drug I take has not been cured until now. r n r n Please what medicinal solutions should I take until it is completely cured. very worried Mr.P, I will not recover2. r nThank you in advance. 🙁

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Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com. I am dr. Princess Claudya will help answer your questions.

Redness accompanied by itching of the penis as you complain about can be caused by the following conditions:

Pthirus pubis lice infection: usually transmitted through sexual contact. The red spots can spread to the lower back area
Scabies tick infection: begins with redness in the area between the fingers / toes. Often experiences spread to the penis through direct contact when cleaning the genital area
Condyloma acuminata / genital warts
Genital herpes: usually accompanied by fever and burning sensation in the pubic area
Fungal infections of the skin
Inflammation due to contact allergies (allergic contact dermatitis)
Congenital eczema (atopic dermatitis)

To determine the cause of your complaint, it is better to consult further with a dermatologist and genitalia. The doctor will dig further into your complaint and will do an examination of your pubic area and the surroundings that you are complaining about. If necessary, the doctor will carry out supporting examinations such as taking samples of the redness to see the cause. And after that the doctor will provide treatment for your complaint according to the underlying conditions.

Things you can do to improve and prevent worsening of your disease, and maintain the health of the pubic area are:

Keep your pubic area clean
Don't wear pants that are too tight
Do not squeeze or scratch the itchy area, as this could cause sores to become infected
Have healthy sex. Do not change partners and use condoms when having sex to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases
You can take over-the-counter itching drugs such as cetirizine to treat your itching complaints

That is the explanation from me. Hopefully helpful and useful. Get better soon :)


dr. Princess Claudya

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