Handling The Legs Of A 1-year-old Child Stiff During Seizures?

Illustration of Handling The Legs Of A 1-year-old Child Stiff During Seizures?
Illustration: Handling The Legs Of A 1-year-old Child Stiff During Seizures? epilepsy.com

, my child is 1 year old from a baby who often has convulsions, every twitch of his eyes twitches and stiff legs and hands, for 1 month my son’s legs cannot be bent, still stiff, can it be healed? Is there any medicine?

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Seizure conditions in children need special attention, given that prolonged seizure conditions can cause interference with the delivery of oxygen to parts of the brain, and can cause damage or malfunction that can also be permanent. It is best to find out why your child has frequent seizures, whether the seizure is associated with a high fever or an infection or other possible causes. Some possible causes that can cause seizure conditions in children:

febrile seizure, which is a condition of seizures that occur due to an increase in a child's high body temperature
certain infections
brain infection / infection of the lining of the brain (meningitis)
electrolyte disturbance
increased brain pressure due to hydrocephalus

To determine the cause of your child having frequent seizures and also the condition of stiff and difficult legs bent further examination is needed to see a pediatrician or to a neurologist. Direct physical examination is also needed as well as additional checks needed such as CT Scan or MRI if needed. Regarding the condition of your child's stiff legs also need to be checked whether there is associated with impaired nerve function in parts of the brain, whether permanent or not, and whether caused by other disorders such as electrolyte disturbances, etc. Can recover or not depends on the conditions and results of direct examination. Usually for these conditions require treatment such as physiotherapy and some movement exercises. Some things you need to pay attention to:

if the child has a fever immediately give fever-lowering drugs to prevent high fever which can trigger seizures
warm compresses to help relieve fever
give the child enough fluid needs
when seizures do not put anything into the child's mouth including certain foods or drinks or spoons or fingers
loosen children's clothing so that they are not tight or suffocated
Do not restrain the child's movements when the seizure is feared for a muscle injury or a bone injury
tilt the child on the left side so that saliva from the mouth, vomit or dirt comes out and does not enter the channel of breath
if you have anti-seizure medication that is inserted through the buttocks and already know how to use and the number of doses can be given immediately, if not
immediately take it to the nearest hospital for further treatment

The following article you can read to overcome seizures

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