Handling The Remaining Tooth Root That Feels Very Painful?

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Illustration: Handling The Remaining Tooth Root That Feels Very Painful? iraniansurgery.com

Good night I was 28 years old Hygi Graham I was almost not all there was left only the remaining roots. Maybe it used to be the influence of mostly meat meat. Now it often hurts almost every month. If you pull it all up, can you. Then, are there artificial graham teeth? Thank you

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Hello Arseli Putri, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

Root residue on the teeth can occur due to the process of cavities that are not treated or is a result of the process of tooth decay due to a prolonged infection. Of course the residual tooth accret that is not taken, can be a source of infection. If there is an infection in the residual accents of these teeth can cause problems such as pain, swelling, and fever. In addition, if the infection is widespread it can also cause abscesses or collections of pus in the teeth that can expand the tissue around the gig gums such as gums, jaws, cheeks, or neck.

One of the treatments is to reduce inflammation and infection, for example with anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics and also anti-pain. In addition the remaining root of the embedded tooth will be removed to remove the source of infection. Prior to the extraction, several examinations can also be done such as dental x-ray or panoramic to see the residual accrue of the tooth left behind.

After a tooth extraction, of course the doctor will advise you to use dentures or dental implants to fill the gaps of the extracted teeth so that they do not interfere with other dental functions and also make you feel comfortable again when eating. Dental implants or dentures can be performed on any part of the tooth including molars.

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The thing to remember is that the procedure is a medical procedure which must be performed by competent health workers such as a dentist or a dental surgeon. In order not to cause complications that are not cold, therefore if you have dental health problems you should consult with the nearest dentist.

Remaining tooth roots can cause pain, especially if infected. Here are some ways that can be used to reduce pain, for example:

Cleaning the teeth to even sensitive areas
Avoid foods and drinks that are too hot or too cold which can trigger pain
Take pain medications such as ibuprofen, but it would be better if you use drugs that are recommended by your doctor

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful.

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